Our Philosophy

Navaswann offers our Clientele a creative and revolutionary life-changing experience. Each Private Retreat and Customized Program is designed to return our Clients to a state of balance, reacquainting them with their Inner Wisdom and Silent Knowing, awakening Body, Mind, and Soul. Every individual has within them a limitless potential for Well Being, Fulfillment, and Grace. Our Team is dedicated to upholding our Clients’ vision for Success, guiding them back to being in Love with Life, where they experience Heaven as Earth...

Navaswann Guides Clients to Live in Accordance With Their Truth.

Our approach and model guides Clients to reflect on their lives and identify a New Dream for expanded awareness and enhanced living. Our Clients are guided through practices designed to attune them with their inner, most natural state of being. Our methods include Yoga Mindfulness, Asian Medicine Practices such as Acupuncture, Tui Na, and herbal remedies, Functional Exercise, Laser Light Therapy, Whole Brain Balancing, EEG Biofeedback, Energy Medicine, Electro-Magnetic Field Balancing, and Spiritual Guidance. Each modality supports personal growth and development, unveiling our Client’s True Nature.

If you intend to Live in Peace, Grow in Love, and Share Your Gifts with the world, our program will support and assist You.  We guide You, as our Client, to identify patterns that support your Well Being and Success, and to take the necessary steps to manifest The Life of Your Dreams!